Our Mission

We are dedicated to teaching key fundamental components essential for an athlete’s development in running, living a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly having fun. We are committed to helping all who accept the Valor challenge to strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, and compete with dignity and pride while developing a commitment to teamwork. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together in supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us.


We require all who accept the Valor Challenge to abide and live by the following Team Core Values:

  • By teaching athletes, the importance of honesty and integrity through sport.

  • By representing the same level of excellence and diversity on and off the field by providing the opportunity and encouragement for each student-athlete to reach his/her fullest intellectual and athletic potential.

  • By achieving success at the highest level possible, both on and off the field while abiding by the club mission statement of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.

  • By providing mutual respect for each other, and a commitment to excellence, hard work, integrity and quality in everything we do.

  • By providing our athletes and community with superior service in a constructive, comfortable, and positive environment.

  • By helping our friends, family, and sponsors build their brands and grow their businesses with Valor’s community outreach program(s).

  • By treating our respective constituencies with respect, appreciation, and as we ourselves would want to be treated and serviced. In other words, by putting our fans, community, and sponsors first every single day—and meaning it.

  • By making our community a better place to live in through our club’s healthy living lifestyle outreach programs.

  • By involving our guests, parents, and community as active participants in Valor Track Club events—not merely as spectators.

  • By working hard to make running the most popular sport in our community and by introducing and sharing our mission with everyone we meet.